"Squint your eyes and look closer. I'm not between you and your ambition. I am a poster girl with no poster. I am thirty-two flavors and then some.And I'm beyond your peripheral vision so you might want to turn your head."~Ani Difranco


"So, I walk like I'm on a mission, cuz that's the way I groove. I've got more and more to do, I've got less and less to prove. It took me too long to realize, that I don't take good pictures, cause I have the kind of beauty that moves." -Also by the Queen- Ani Difranco

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Sexy Selfies 3/21/2015

NOT professional, NOT edited, and just for you!

Aldo Antonio 2014 Photoshoots

June 2014

Shoot with Tonja

Photographer: Gina Shoot with Tonja on


Photographer Yohance DeLoach


January 2014

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